Welcome to Colorado Springs District 11!

This page is only for students new to the district. 

This site allows you to pre-enroll K-12 students new to District 11. If your student has previously been enrolled in District 11, you will still need to provide the below documentation.

*This form is not intended for preschool enrollment. For information about preschool, contact the Early Childhood office at 719-520-2540.*

Enrolling your student for the first time is a two step process.
  1. Complete this online Pre-Enrollment process. If possible, print the Pre-Enrollment Form available on the last step of this process.
  2. Visit the school at which you wish to enroll with the required documentation. This is listed on the last page of the pre-enrollment as well as on the Enrollment web page.
  3.  Note this pre-enrollment will expire in 30 days.
To find your neighborhood school(s), visit our school finder. and type in your address.

If you have questions during the enrollment process, you may call the school at which you will be enrolling, or the District 11 Enrollment Department at (719) 520-2297.

For additional information about enrollment, including school choice, please visit the Enrollment web page.